WHAT IS bitqyM?

bitqyck has also launched a sibling cryptocurrency under the name of bitqyM. bitqyM functions the same as bitqy, however the plan and purpose for bitqyM is to support the company’s cryptocurrency mining and data center operations. Bitqyck will use these facilities mine various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and other altcoins as well as a full-service data support and management.

bitqyM allows the cryptocurrency community and perhaps even more importantly, newcomers to the blockchain, to take advantage of bitqyck’s mining operation at very attractive prices. Here is your opportunity to be rewarded by the mining and token creation expertise of the bitqyck team!

Each bitqyM token gives the holder access to 1 unit of the mining facility’s capacity. Token holders can either choose to use the allocated power to 1) be part of the general mining pool or; 2) reserve the relative hashpower of a full, half or quarter of a mining machine without the hassle of purchasing and running an actual mining machine.

Given the scarcity of accessible mining today, the increasing interest in cryptocurrency mining and the operational experience of the people behind this project, bitqyck is providing an attractive opportunity for those who want to be part of this revolutionary concept.

Remember, if you hold bitqy, you are ALREADY a part of this!

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