The world of cryptocurrency is continually changing, so predictions are often difficult to make. However, there are a few topics and predictions on the horizon that could have a significant impact on the blockchain world.

  1. The Lightning Network. If Lightning works, Bitcoin regains its prominence as a cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t work, Bitcoin Cash rises in popularity. Either way, Lightning has a significant role in the future of the crypto coin.
  2. Privacy. As users begin to distinguish between anonymity and pseudonymity, competition for a more secure currency may intensify.
  3. Crypto-AIs. Last month, SingularityNet’s ICO, AI-as-a-Service, sold out in under a minute. If this is any indication of the trend to come, then more AI startups, attracting more high-dollar developers, are on the horizon.
  4. Ethereum. CryptoKitties was huge and significantly impacted the Ethereum network. The challenge resulting in the popularity of CryptoKitties will either be a stumbling block for the currency or an amazing opportunity for growth. Either way, Ethereum will set a standard—as a model to follow or as a model to learn from.  
  5. Crypto Valleys. Currently, there is one in Zug, Switzerland, and many other countries have expressed interest as well. Crypto Valleys may be a way for countries to quickly improve their economies, and we may see a few pop up this year.
  6. Crypto going mainstream. It’s happening, and retail brokers are already getting on board with the technology. As the year progresses, we will continue to see the growth of crypto exchanges and the mainstream popularity of cryptocurrency.
  7. ICOs going mainstream. Indiegogo is on board with plans for ICOs early this year. As they succeed, more mainstream adoption will surely follow.
  8. Reverse ICOs. While ICOs are a startup project, reverse ICOs happen when an existing company decides to decentralize and issues tokens. A couple of companies have already started this process—expect others later this year.
  9. Regulation. Blockchain technology and innovation are crucial for the growth of society and economy. But with mainstream adoption may come negligent companies. Regulation will increase as necessary to find the balance between good business and new innovation.

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