We continue to be impressed by the rise of cryptocurrencies and the opportunities being created in the field. As acceptance of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) continues to expand, we are also excited about the success we are realizing with bitqy, our own token. Cryptocurrencies have been firmly established by millions of entities at this point, but there is a real interest in how larger enterprises are responding to this growth.

CoinDesk recently reported on the registration of three new domains by Amazon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. that has been linked to previous patent filings from the company. In E-commerce giant Amazon has registered three cryptocurrency-related web domains, Stan Higgins reveals that public records on Whois Lookup show these domain registrations being made on October 31, 2017. The domains registered are “amazonethereum.com,” “amazoncryptocurrency.com,” and “amazoncryptocurrencies.com”. There has not been an official announcement from Amazon, so the purpose of the registrations is unknown.

Amazon had previously registered other cryptocurrency domains as well. The obvious one, “amazonbitcoin.com”, is currently redirecting to the main website “amazon.com”. These domain registrations may simply be a recognition of the significance of cryptocurrencies in the global information technology landscape—as well as perhaps a way for Amazon to “safeguard its brand.” There have been rumors that Amazon may be preparing to accept bitcoin as currency for transactions on the giant retail website, but there is just as much speculation that this is untrue.

There is no doubt that Amazon has a pressing interest in blockchain technology—the foundation on which cryptocurrencies are built. Amazon Web Services (AWS) actively markets blockchain technology associated with their massive server farms and processing power distributed across the world. More information and case studies are available at https://aws.amazon.com/partners/blockchain/.

While others wonder about a possible Amazon entry into cryptocurrencies, we are not sitting back and waiting. We have developed a diverse model and are ready today. Through bitqyck and eqyck, as noted on our website, we “build, cultivate, and maintain several product and service lines across some of the largest industries in the world such as retail, health, security, and travel.” The bitqy token is the official cryptocurrency of bitqyck and has been available for use and investment for quite some time now.

Image: Amazon warehouse by Alvaro Ibanez on Flickr

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