In an exciting series of events, bitqy has been featured on Bitscreener, a screening and charting tool and news aggregator for the entire crypto market. This comes right on the heels of CoinMarketCap ranking bitqy among other major players like Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Monero, and more. The new listing on Bitscreener is another positive sign pointing toward a promising future for the token. Being positioned alongside such good company is a move that has validated bitqy’s status as a legitimate cryptocurrency.

Now that bitqy is listed on Bitscreener, users can receive price alerts, follow the token’s real-time movements on various technical charts, and keep up with the latest news about the cryptocurrency. Also available are the corresponding fundamentals, including website link, market cap, circulating supply, and the percent of change in value over multiple timestamps. All of these features are complemented by a section on discussion and forums that compiles posts from reddit and Twitter, offering bitqy users the ability to connect with a community in order to make the most of the bitqy token and cryptocurrencies in general.

For a time, bitqy had been marked with a “?” in its listing on CoinMarketCap, a sign that the platform was still reviewing the token’s credentials. But with a circulating supply of just under 1.2 billion10 percent of which is in the hands of private individuals and companies—bitqy has earned its place in the rankings as well as its new listing on Bitscreener. The fact that bitqy is now visible on both of these influential platforms brings greater awareness to the token, which will in turn inspire investment from more individuals and companies.

As bitqy makes moves to become a staple in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, investors will be able to use the tools available from Bitscreener to track its progress and compare it against all other tokens on the market. This is precisely the kind of functionality that bitqy needs in order to cultivate the visibility and support necessary for retaining its competitive edge. With two back-to-back confirmations of the currency’s legitimacy, it appears that bitqy is poised to demonstrate a staying power worthy of much closer attention.

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