In a huge victory and step forward for bitqy – the cryptocurrency offered by bitqyck™ Inc – the site CoinMarketCap has removed the “?” next to its name when it shows up on the site’s listing. This means that bitqy is no longer under review by CoinMarketCap and has been accepted as a legitimate cryptocurrency. 

One of the things that CoinMarketCap looks at is the ratio between total cryptocurrency coins issued and the number that is available to the public. With bitqy, for example, there is a total “cap” of ten billion tokens/coins. This means that there can never be more than ten billion bitqy tokens/coins in existence. Of these ten billion, about 10% (or just over one billion) are owned by private individuals and companies. The other 90% of the supply is still retained by the company, bitqyck™ Inc.

The majority of the 10% of tokens/coins that are owned by individuals and companies were released when bitqy initially launched. The remaining portion of that 10% was released over time as rewards for users who were involved with and used the system for bitqy. Buying items with the cryptocurrency and recruiting new members are some examples of actions that users were rewarded for. 

Another thing that CoinMarketCap does is rank all of the existing cryptocurrencies and tokens in the world. This is another reason why the “?” being removed from bitqy is such a victory for the company: bitqy can now be officially ranked up against cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin. This can help raise awareness of bitqy, generate interest for individuals and companies to use the cryptocurrency and invest in it, as well as show users how it stacks up against other options available on the market. 

For more information, please see the release from bitqyck™ Inc here.


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