2017 has been an incredible year for cryptocurrencies. The rise in the value of bitcoin has fueled enthusiasm as we see more people and institutions taking an interest in the cryptocurrency markets. We value Ethereum as one of the original blockchain platforms and for the way it has grown as a frequent partner for new products, including bitqy. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are a growing method of funding startups in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) marketplace.

Like any other business, capital is necessary to fund development. In a recent article titled Ethereum to ICOs: You’re Doing It Wrong, Alyssa Hertig explores some of the concerns with the ICO model. As is often the case, the method is not the problem, but excitement must be tempered with wisdom in the evaluation of new offerings. We saw many similar examples during the dot-com boom in the late 90’s, when capital was flowing freely and startups were getting funding without having a proof of concept, sound product strategy, or even a reasonable business plan in some cases. Jez San Obe, the founder and CEO of Ethereum-based casino game platform FunFair, advises, “You should have a product before you ICO, you should know how to run a company, you shouldn’t have an anonymous team and you should release a prototype first.” Jack du Rose, co-founder of Ethereum startup Colony, concurs that “having a product before launching an ICO is also important.”

At bitqyck, we are building an enterprise and a community. Our vision is to continue to bring forth great products and services to the members of bitqyck and provide an additional layer of value in the form of bitqy attached to each transaction. Naturally, we are excited about the prospects of bitqy in the cryptocurrency world—we see this as a benefit of becoming an affiliate. We have partnered with Ethereum as our blockchain because it is decentralized and offers an effective smart contract system. We also established tradebq, which streamlines transactions within the community and allows for trade with other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort to create an affiliate marketing model that will provide great benefits for our members as well as withstand the test of time. We recommend that you thoroughly examine our model, strategy, and white paper as you consider becoming a part of our community.

Image: affiliate marketing model

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