bitqy is continuing to build excitement in the financial and network marketing communities. We are confident in our business model as well as the cryptocurrency marketplace and appreciate each accolade. Jaime Soriano is an established network marketing professional, largely in the financial services space, and he recently produced a video explaining his investment in bitqy.

Soriano has been investing in cryptocurrencies this year and is seeking unique opportunities within that field. He describes his recent investments in his video Electroneum & Bitqy – Two Coins That Will Grow In Value 100X In The Near Future?? MUST SEE!!. The first token that has his attention is Electroneum, which was recently the subject of an initial coin offering (ICO) from the United Kingdom (UK). Soriano was drawn to this coin largely due to it being the first out of the UK, and also because of the significant bonuses that were made available as part of the ICO. He is expecting a reasonable rise in value to occur, based on the success of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Soriano shows even greater excitement over the second token in the video, bitqy. With his significant background in network and affiliate marketing, he is intrigued by the fact that the bitqy coin is the cryptocurrency of bitqyck, a network marketing company. An exciting component for Soriano is that the coins can be purchased within an affiliate account, which is free, and that the coins can be stored in the QyckWallet to retain a one-tenth share of stock in the company for each coin. As he describes it, “The cool thing about bitqy is it’s being driven by different verticals and bitqyck reps that are spreading the word about bitqyck and bitqy. I feel really strong about bitqy.” Lastly, his confidence in this investment is enhanced by the professionalism inherent in our company, business model, website, and the information we make available.

Soriano is cautious to remind investors that there are risks associated with any investment and that there are never any guarantees. We agree that each investor should exercise due diligence in their investigation of the bitqyck network marketing model and the bitqy cryptocurrency.

Image:  Affiliate marketing

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