LaunchDFW dives right in to the exciting release of bitqyck, telling readers what makes the Dallas-based company unique and the elements of the company that set it apart from competitors like Groupon.  Setting BitQyck apart is the use of cryptocurrency, and the support of bitqy, the official cyptocurrency of bitqyck.

The author explains that bitqyck is a marketplace offering so-called “daily deals” to consumers through the bitqyck e-commerce platform while embracing cryptocurrency.  By incorporating cryptocurrency within the marketplace platform bitqyck is able to more securely, quickly, and without third-party sites transfer the value of the goods and the currency.

Operating on a platform that is similar to Groupon’s, there are three targeted users: businesses, consumers, and affiliates, and there has been the interest of thousands of businesses to participate in the platform.  To see what Sam Mendez, a co-founder of bitqyck has to say, follow the link to LaunchDFW coverage.

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