The new digital currency, Bitqy, is reaching the end of development. Our technology partners Roger Wilco and Caudicum, who help develop the Blockchain infrastructure using Ethereum blockchain technology, have made tremendous strides in the development of Bitqy and have nearly completed the token’s design.

The first version of the web ledger and wallet to manage the new cryptocurrency will be available soon at,for Genesis Block Founders. It will become accessible to the public wallet after the launch. Of course, anyone who uses the Ethereum Mist will be able to add the digital token to their wallet, and share in the benefits of the smart contract which is embedded into each token.

To follow the development process of Bitqy in real time, check out GitHub which has been set up by Caudicum to provide the latest information on Bitqy. You can also check out the coverage for more information on bitqy and bitqyck.

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