bitqy is the official cryptocurrency of bitqyck. bitqy is the common thread that ties all of bitqyck’s business verticals together.

The plan and purpose for launching our own cryptocurrency centered on our desire to reward our company’s value creators – the people who take action and participate in specific activities that bring value to the company.

With the growth and excitement behind cryptocurrency, we envisioned the “reward” to be an exciting incentive for the value-creators in the company. As part of the reward process we also set up our own trading platform to give all people the ability to easily and quickly set up an account and trade bitqy in the open market.

A strong component of the bitqy ownership experience is the smart contract tying bitqyck, Inc. stock to the ownership of the bitqy token. Every bitqy token is the equivalent to 1/10 share of bitqyck, Inc. thereby giving bitqy holders actual ownership of bitqyck, Inc. as outlined in the bitqy Constitution.

The total supply of bitqy is ten billion (10,000,000,000) tokens. The initial distribution* of bitqy was 1.2 billion tokens, including approximately 56 million tokens held for affiliate rewards.

Of the 10 billion minted bitqy tokens, 75% is allocated for public acquisition/rewards and 25% is allocated for the founders group. At the discretion of the founders, an additional 10% might be allocated from the public acquisition portion for special projects, growth events such as mergers and acquisitions, charity, etc.

*The initial distribution of bitqy’s circulating supply (1.2 billion tokens less approximately 56 million held in the internal distribution account) was done through direct transfer of bitqy from the contract owner account to the qyckwalletTM accounts of thousands of bitqyck affiliates. bitqyck affiliates are rewarded (earn) bitqy through actions and activities taken throughout the bitqyck network of businesses.  

As shown in the block explorer, the bitqy contract owner address (0xcd706026b1b9af1e3972013e9fe4b344b3fa3d5a) represents 8.8 billion of the 10 billion total minted tokens. The internal account used for distribution of reward tokens (0x0f3a9ca4ed4c75379d4923cb8fc5af3ca3e86ef1) holds approximately 56 million tokens. The rest of the 13,800 (and growing) bitqy holders represents the circulating supply of 1,143,778,000. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIVE BLOCK EXPLORER.