bitqy Coin Constitution

bitqy, the in-app token for bitqyck

bitqy is a cryptocurrency token for the marketplace platform bitqyck and the general market as it is accepted by businesses and consumers globally. bitqy will be allocated by the directors of bitqyck, Inc. Once allocated, bitqyck relinquishes control of the allocated bitqy.

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Additionally, bitqyck, Inc., a Texas corporation, certifies:

  • that it has authorized the minting of ten billion digital tokens known as “bitqy tokens” or “bitqy coins,” created on the Ethereum Blockchain App Platform and, further certifies,
  • that the bitqy tokens are only created by the smart contract that these certifications are enumerated within and, further certifies,
  • pursuant to the terms and conditions that the directors and founders attach to the bitqy token, and further certifies
  • that this bitqy token is freely transferable by the holder hereof in any manner, which said holder deems appropriate and reasonable.

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